Content marketing

Attention is a finite resource

We sometimes say 'content is king'.... but if content is king, context is now queen. Within digital marketing, content is a broad term to describe anything your business publishes to its audience.

Content could include written blogs, brochures, guides, podcasts, video, graphics, posters, infographics, email newsletters and drip campaigns, webinars, whitepapers, ebooks and more.

Content marketing, is both an approach to digital marketing in itself and an inbound marketing tactic that aims to attract, engage and retain your target audience a.k.a the customers come to you. This is done through the strategic creation and distribution of content and experiences that empower and provide value to your target audience.

This methodology enables stronger relationships and creates a self-sustaining, often timeless, loop for your business, as you make connections with people seeking a connection, solve problems people are already experiencing, and nurture brand equity (the value of your brand overtime).

The digital space is now saturated with content and so random, unfocused or poorly researched content does not cut it anymore. The right context, production, and strategy is what will drive success in your content marketing.

What ever your business objectives may be, content marketing will help you. Like many aspects of digital marketing, a content strategy is a living part of your overall marketing and sales strategy that should receive ongoing management and optimisation to maximise success.

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